Why All Smiles?

All Smiles: A Toy Company provides toys and games to keep your youngest visitors thoroughly entertained and fully engaged! Our clients include large and small businesses in the dental, healthcare, and hospitality industries looking to entertain their youngest visitors with quality toys and games.

We offer a wide selection of the latest colour-themed toy packages designed to inspire a sense of wonder and fun in kids of all ages. Our hassle-free online ordering platform makes it easy to select the right toy packages for your business at the most competitive pricing.

Make their time with you unforgettable with All Smiles games and toys. Contact us today and we’ll help you select toys and toy packages the best suit your business needs!

Inspire Creativity

Toys that Spark the Imagination and Bring About Lovely, Lasting Smiles

Dental and Medical

Children - particularly those visiting your office for the first time - can experience anxiety and stress around their visit. Parents, too, can become anxious about how best to comfort their child and ensure a positive experience, especially as they are waiting for the appointment to begin.

At All Smiles, we understand that, in addition to a bright and cheerful waiting room and a great chair-side manner, nothing reduces anxiety and appeals to young imaginations more than bright, colorful, and inviting toys.

We make it our mission to provide the best quality toys to help reduce stress and up the fun factor for kids and parents alike.

We offer a range of toys designed to reduce kids’ anxiety and increase their fun. Browse our catalog for an inspiring line up of toys, guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Restaurant and Hospitality

The restaurant and hospitality industries are all about making people feel comfortable, welcome, and well cared for. For your youngest guests, nothing says “welcome” more than exciting new toys and games.

Families who are on vacation or visiting a restaurant can’t always carry around toys to keep their children entertained. By offering toys and games for kids upon arrival, you’ll improve guest retention and ensure a more enjoyable and relaxing experience!

Browse our catalog to view a selection of toys guaranteed to entertained your youngest guests.